Oferta de Tesi Doctoral: «Pond ecosystems for resilient future landscapes in a changing climate»

Borsa de treball | 27-10-2020

PhD Student Opportunity: Pond ecosystems for resilient future landscapes in a changing climate.
Deadline: Nov 10, 2020
We are looking to hire a full-time pre-doctoral researcher for 3 years, which will be connected to PONDERFUL research project. The PhD will be supervised by Drs. Sandra Brucet and Mireia Bartrons (Aquatic Ecology Group of UVic-UCC https://mon.uvic.cat/aquatic-ecology/). The Aquatic Ecology Group of UVic-UCC is formed by a young team of researchers and has recently been granted a Horizon 2020 grant to lead the project PONDERFUL: Pond ecosystems for resilient future landscapes in a changing climate. The consortium is composed by 18 partners from nine European states and from Turkey and Uruguay.
PONDERFUL aims are to increase understanding of the ways in which ponds, as a nature-based solution, can help society to mitigate and adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity and deliver ecosystem services. PONDERFUL project starts in December 2020 and lasts for 4 years.
Topic: The successful candidate will be part of our team studying how temporary ponds biodiversity (plants, invertebrates, fish, and amphibian) and ecosystem functioning (with special focus on carbon fluxes and storage) vary across a climatic gradient. The work will be based on a stratified sampling in beautiful environments in parallel with other research teams from Europe and CELAC. Our team will be focused on temporary ponds. International collaboration and possibility for research stays abroad during the PhD are granted.
Please send your CV, including your Grade Point Average (GPA), to Dr. Mireia Bartrons (mireia.bartrons@uvic.cat)
Aquatic Ecology Group of UVic-UCC