Research groups

  • The group's research focuses on the development of analytical methodology for the detection, separation, characterization and determination of peptides, proteins, glycoproteins, protein oligomers, metabolites and other bioactive molecules in biological, biopharmaceutical and food samples. At the same time, methods of pretreatment of novel combined samples or assembled in line to the techniques of separation of high resolution and the mass spectrometry are developed, and the interpretation of the results generated with chemometric tools of multivariate analysis of data is developed. The methodology developed is focused on the treatment of complex analytical problems mainly related to biomedicine, the pharmaceutical industry, the agri-food industry and forensic chemistry.

    Staff: José Barbosa Torralbo, Fernando Julián Benavente Moreno, Estela Giménez López, Laura Pont Villanueva, Victoria Sanz Nebot

  • The lines of research of this group are devoted to studies on the presence, degradation and transformation of organic pollutants in the environment and in food. On the other hand, we also work on the establishment of analytical methodology for the determination of emerging contaminants using separation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry.

    Staff: Encarnación Moyano Morcillo, Lluís Puignou García, Francisco Javier Santos

  • In this group, different electroanalytic methodologies for amperometric detection in HPLC and FIA systems are developed, through the use of modified electrodes (gold nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, "screen-printed", etc.). In addition, several chemometrics are applied to the analysis of electroanalytic data, and the formation of complexes between metallic ions and molecules of environmental and biological interest is studied.

    Staff: Cristina Ariño Blasco, Julio Bastos Arrieta, José Manuel Díaz Cruz, Miquel Esteban Cortada, Núria Serrano Plana

  • The lines of research of this group consist, on the one hand, in the development and validation of chemometric analysis methods, especially those related to the multivariate curve resolution, and their application in very different applied contexts of the area of analytical chemistry. On the other hand, the analytical and chemometric methodology developed allows to cover areas as diverse as the determination and characterization of agri-food products, the interpretation of hyperspectral images for chemical and -omics studies, complex structures of DNA (i-motif and G-quadruplex) or the monitoring, modeling and control of industrial processes.

    Professors: Anna de Juan Capdevila, Raimundo Gargallo Gómez, Santiago Hernández Cassou, Javier Saurina Purroy

  • The search for this group is devoted to the determination of heavy metals, such as Se, As, Sb and Hg, by separation by chromatography of liquids coupled to detection by atomic spectrometry. In addition, we study the distribution of the different organometallic species of these elements and their bioaccessibility in environmental and food samples.

    Staff: José Fermín López Sánchez, Àngels Sahuquillo Estrugo

  • Part of the research of this group consists in the establishment of analytical methodology, based on chromatographic techniques with mass spectrometry detection, for the determination of veterinary drugs in environmental and food samples, as well as in the sorption study of Drugs in soils and the possibility of remediation of contaminated soils. In addition, methods are developed for the characterization and determination of organic matter dissolved in drinking water, and in the recovery of rare earths from different materials.

    Staff: José Luis Beltrán Abadía, José Francisco García Martínez, Mercè Granados JuanÓscar Núñez Burcio, Sonia Sentellas Minguillon