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Geology analyses the Earth to understand its functioning and history. The various branches of geology deal with studying the resources of the planet (water, minerals, rocks, fuels) and its natural risks (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods). They also study the sustainable management and exploitation of the environment, climate change, the evolution of the Earth to predict the future, the history of life, and many other issues. Geology also encompasses an exciting field of extraplanetary work.

The bachelor's degree in Geology of the University of Barcelona trains professionals with a broad understanding of geology and its fields of application, with the capacity to adapt to a constantly evolving work environment. It is aimed at students with concerns about the natural environment and curiosity to learn about the history, structure and functioning of the Earth. The degree has an important practical component, which includes both field and laboratory work. The student spends a large amount of time in contact with the environment and with the teaching staff, which encourages their involvement in the studies.

Graduates are well prepared to join work centres and private and public organizations, such as geological services of various administrations, research centres, museums, education centres, etc. There are also graduates who choose to specialize in research through the offer of university master's and postgraduate degrees.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSciences
Approximate price per credit25,04 €