Institutions and companies

Institutions and companies

The Faculty of Earth Sciences attaches particular importance to science and technology transfer and public engagement, striving to promote social commitment, equality and collective work. It also values the international relations established by members of the Faculty community and is a signatory to a wide range of academic mobility agreements.

Outside mobility initiatives, the Faculty channels its external relations through information activities for prospective students and graduates, and services for companies and public institutions.

Each year the Faculty organizes a variety of activities to inform secondary school students about the courses it offers, as well as participating in science forums for different audiences. It also offers the business and research communities a series of services and specialized events for science and technology transfer.

Two main approaches are taken to interaction with business and industry: direct involvement of the Faculty's students in the work of companies in the sector through placement agreements and the job bank, and networking and collaborative activities through the Business Fair and events such as the Meeting of Earth Sciences Students and Businesses (TECTE).