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Information for the student – Sociology: Social Transformations and Innovation


Transit of people in the street - Master in Sociology: Social Transformations and Innovation - Faculty of Economics and Business - University of Barcelona

The main objective of the master's degree in in Sociology: Social Transformations and Innovation is to train scientists and professionals capable of leading the study of social change and the creation of social technologies, and of proposing new solutions to collective challenges and improving our institutions and societies.
Against a backdrop of rapid structural change, sociology provides the models and methods to diagnose and analyse the full complexity of the social transformations taking place, allows for the identification and evaluation of options for change, and enables the proposal and evaluation of positive intervention strategies that can shape future possibilities and foster creativity and innovation.
This master's degree provides an overview of current social change and the strategic challenges it poses, develops students' transferable skills for the scientific analysis of processes of social transformation and innovation, and builds on their ability to design and evaluate intervention models.

Basic information

Mode of deliveryPresencial
Bridging coursesYes
Faculty or schoolFaculty of Economics and Business
Number of places available30
Language(s) of instructionSpanish: 75%, English: 25%
Approximate price per credit27,67 euros per credit (65,87 euros for students who are not EU or China nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2022-2023.