The Faculty

The University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Fine Arts has been welcoming new students into its classrooms for over thirty-five years. Indeed, the Faculty currently has two thousand every academic year. The strategic location of the Faculty draws in a large community of students of different origins and backgrounds.

The Faculty of Fine Arts is located on the Diagonal Campus. The five buildings occupied by the Faculty offer fully equipped workshops and laboratories to respond to the creative and experimental needs of students. More than two hundred fifty people work in the Faculty.

The Faculty has two departments. It is also affiliated with an interdepartmental research centre and boasts five consolidated research groups. 

The Faculty’s mission is to focus on the creation, generation and transmission of scientific and artistic knowledge in the area of the fine arts, design, and the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage; preparation for professional practice, and the development of students’ critical, moral and cultural thinking.

Ours is the only Faculty of Fine Arts in the territory.

We welcome you and invite you to get to know our Faculty.