University of Barcelona

Production and Artistic Research

Objectives and competences


The master's degree Production & Artistic Research aims to educate artistic producers in the most advanced creative fields and to provide participants with the resources they will need to conduct research based on artistic production.
The program offers participants the chance to critically re-explore languages, media and disciplines from the perspective of artistic practice and research, allowing them to reflect on conceptual considerations regarding the materials and media to be used and to take a role in regenerating lines of discourse related to art.
The goal of the program is to prepare graduates to join the workforce in a broad, multi-faceted and ever-changing market, providing them with the skills to respond to the reality of the contemporary artistic world through the development of products of creative excellence that are highly valued and easily assimilated in cultural, artistic and commercial contexts.
The program gives participants the capacity to develop innovative artistic processes, leading to the emergence of competitive products and research linked to new ways of thinking.
One of the strengths of this program is that it prepares participants to establish an intellectual discourse and to undertake advanced, continually evolving research tied to forms of artistic production.


Upon completion of the master's degree, students will have acquired the following specific competences, applicable to production and/or research in intermedia and media arts:

  • Understanding of the methodologies required in the development of an artistic and research project.

  • Ability to apply the most suitable concepts and definitions for the specific artistic production being undertaken, participating in discourse open to debate, providing solid foundations for undertaking artistic practice.

  • Knowledge of the languages and disciplines of intermedia and media art, as the basis of a well-grounded intellectual position with regard to artistic projects and related research.

  • Ability to use appropriate and sufficient bibliographic materials in the preparation and implementation of an artistic project and in artistic research.

  • Ability to use manual and technological approaches in the implementation of an artistic project in intermedia and media arts.

  • Capacity to use the form and mode of artistic project production in professional contexts.

  • Ability to make the best possible use of resources for the presentation of an artistic project in specific contexts and spaces.

  • Ability to generate art projects with a specific research focus that open new perspectives.

  • Capacity to manage the interplay between concepts, techniques and technologies in artistic practice and production.

  • Capacity to present and organize art projects in exhibition spaces, public spaces and virtual environments.

  • Ability to establish relationships in a cultural context and to acquire mechanisms for generating one's own artistic or cultural production enterprise.

  • Capacity to take a critical view of artistic production, designed to facilitate the continuous reappraisal and renewal of ideas and convictions to reach well-founded conclusions relevant to the current cultural and social context.