University of Barcelona

Production and Artistic Research

Final project


  1. Presentation of a competitive art project of excellence in relation to current artistic productions, in any medium of physical manifestation (in the exhibition spaces and sessions set for that purpose).
  2. Features such as spatial / contextual / virtual exhibition adequacy will be assessed (the way the project is shown and formalized).
  3. Oral justification of the completed and publicly shown project, discussing the conceptual axes that underpins it (both stages in the presence of the entire team of teachers who have supervised the production of the projects).
  4. Research to develop (written):
    Theoretical study developing hypotheses from within the discourse / artistic language in which the artistic project presented is inscribed. (Art Practice Research)



  1. Presentation of the work process developed in the artistic project: Project report.
  2. Research to develop(written):
    This research can be directly linked to artistic production that the student has developed along the master - "Art Practice Research" - or it may be a specific and original research on a topic of interest.


Each student presents, both orally and in writing,  the development of the artistic and research project in the presence of the entire team of teachers who have supervised the various projects during the sessions scheduled for this purpose.

UB Master final projects