Curs: “Deciphering Nature from Data: An Applied Machine Learning course (and little bit of AI)”


19-02-2024 a 23-02-2024


De 14 a 15 hores


Facultat de Física


Aula A34M - Aulari Facultat de Fisica

Conferenciant: Dr. Matias Nuñez (CONICET, Argentina).

Abstract: An immersive five-day journey into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

This course is a blend of theoretical knowledge, intuitions and practical examples from physics,

biology and other fields. Designed to deepen your understanding and application of AI and ML in your own field.

Day 1: Teaching machines from data An Historical Overview Clarify the distinctions between AI, ML, and Deep Learning Introduction to supervised and unsupervised learning Classification and regression Model evaluation techniques

Day 2: Unsupervised Machine Learning How to visualize multidimensional data? Principal Component Analysis (PCA) The manifold hypothesis Introduction to embeddings Clustering algorithms

Day 3: Do Neural Networks Dream? From Perceptrons to Advanced Neural Networks Evaluation and Validation of Models Diverse Architectures of Neural Networks

Day 4: How do Neural Network "think"? Learning Mechanisms of Neural Networks Neural Networks and Differential Equations Scientific Machine Learning

Day 5: The Raise of the Transformers The Transformative Role of Neural Networks in Language