Oferta feina: Engineering high sensitivity magnetic sensors

Notícia | 20-09-2013

Engineering high sensitivity magnetic sensors

We are offering a 36 months contract to join a collaborative project with industry to develop ultra-high sensitivity magnetic sensors that will be exploited in SmartCities traffic management and security. Successful completion would allow obtaining a PhD degree. The project will be developed and supervised with the framework of a running collaborative project between:

o IGS Research
o Laboratory of Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures (ICMAB-CSIC)

• Degree on: Physics, Electronic engineering, Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics or related areas.
• a) excellent academic records, b) fluent in English and c) skills to make written and public reports.
Applicants should follow the instructions and procedures given in: (see "PhD Students" tag)
Josep Fontcuberta:
Xavier Martí: