Activities for future students

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This Student Support Service unit offers secondary school teachers and students extensive information about the UB’s academic offer and guidance on how best to successfully enter the university world.

Amongst other things, it designs specific proposals for upper secondary and advanced vocational school students with a view to facilitating their transition to university. Specifically, the Faculty organizes the activity ‘L’Arqueologia: una nova professió. Entre Indiana Jones i la realitat’ [Archaeology: A new profession. Between Indiana Jones and reality] to raise awareness of its Archaeology studies, as well as ‘Geografia per a exploradors’ [Geography for explorers], ‘La Geografia universitària’ [University geography], the ‘Taller de Cartografia digital’ [Digital cartography workshop] and the ‘Olimpíada de Geografia’ [Geography Olympics] to promote the bachelor’s degree in Geography.

The Faculty also participates in the Future students activities, collaborating on the La UB divulga scientific dissemination programme and organizing a prize for the best secondary-school research project in the scientific fields taught at the Faculty (the ‘Premi Temps, Espai i Forma’ [Time, Space and Form Prize], secondary school category). It also actively participates in the Saló de l’Ensenyament education fair, where, in addition to institutional information, attendees can speak with students in the final years of the Faculty’s various bachelor’s degree courses.

Open day

The Faculty of Education organizes an open day each year for prospective students interested in learning more about the Faculty and its courses of study.

Details of forthcoming open days and information about previous editions can be found online.

More information about activities for prospective students and secondary schools in general is available on the Future students page.

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