University of Barcelona


Objectives and competences


What you will learn An understanding of those factors that form past and present and make these time ideas comprehensible to different individuals or communities, and of the events and that society experiences historically, culturally and in terms of its human and physical space. Analysis methods for the study of history, crtical reasoning skills for the appraisal of reference sources and IT skills for information retrieval. The principles of historical research and an understanding of history as a process of constant change. Analytical skills in the study of historical periods, processes and facts. An understanding of the contribution of other disciplines to the study of history and an introduction to multidisciplinary teamwork. Organization and appropriacy of register in discursive production and foreign language skills in the area of study. The grounding to begin general professional practice or go on to second- and third-cycle studies and prepare for either specialized professional practice or a career in research. Number of ECTS credits: 240 Branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities Faculty or school: Faculty of Geography and History