Advisory Board

Article 22 of the Regulations of the Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media provides for the establishment of an "consultative mixed advisory council to promote the relations between academia and the professional sector in their corresponding fields".

In accordance with this article, this advisory council must include fourteen members appointed by the Faculty Board with the following functions:

  1. To foster the Faculty's participation in society, as well as the collaboration of society in the funding of the Faculty's activities.
  2. To contribute to the strengthening of the connection of the Faculty's programmes with social reality.
  3. To participate in the programmes' assessment processes.
  4. The remaining functions appointed to the council, as established in the regulations.

This document is intended to specify the objective, the lines of action, the operation and the members of this council.


The Advisory Council's objective is to facilitate the relationship between the Faculty and its social and professional environment, bringing it closer to the needs of public and private organizations that work in the area of information science and making the teaching and research activities carried out at the Faculty known to these organizations.

  1. To bring public and private institutions closer to the activities carried out at the Faculty with the aim of facilitating students' employability.
  2. To provide the Faculty with a more straightforward perspective on the social and professional evaluation of its graduates and to grasp the demands of the job market.
  3. To facilitate the convergence between teaching practices and the professional profiles in demand.
  4. To participate in the regular evaluations of the qualifications offered in the Faculty.
  5. To strengthen the image of the different qualifications taught at the Faculty and contribute to their promotion.
  6. To assess the design process of new course curricula and the implementation of new qualifications.
  7. To inform the Faculty of the research needs in the field of information science with the aim of ensuring that its research groups work on lines that meet these needs.
  8. To make the results of the research groups public.

The Council meets at least once a year to analyze the results of the lines of action described above.

The Faculty prepares an annual report for the Council.

The Advisory Council of the Faculty will be made up of fourteen members

  • 1 representative of the Board of Trustees of the University of Barcelona.
  • 2 representatives of companies or business associations with the presence of professionals of the sector.
  • 1 representative of the networks of public libraries.
  • 1 representative of the university libraries.
  • 1 representative of the National Library of Catalonia.
  • 1 representative of the archive sector.
  • 1 representative of the Col·legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris-Documentalistes de Catalunya.
  • 1 representative of the Associació d'Arxivers de Catalunya.
  • 1 former student.
  • 2 representatives of the Dean's Office of the Faculty: the dean of the Faculty and the teaching secretary, who performs as the Council's secretary.
  • 1 representative of the Department of Library and Information Science and Audiovisual Communication.
  • 1 lecturer of another department of the University of Barcelona.

  • Lluís Anglada, director of Libraries, Information and Documentation of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia. Representative of the university libraries.
  • Montse Català, head of Information Science of Television of Catalonia. Representative of companies with the presence of professionals of the sector.
  • Eugènia Serra, director of the National Library of Catalonia.
  • Toni Espadas, head of Information Science, Filmoteca de Catalunya.
  • Miquel Martínez, professor of the Department of Theory and History of Education, as a representative of the UB teaching staff.
  • Alexandre Blasi, representative of the Board of Trustees of the University of Barcelona.
  • Marga Losantos, president of the Col·legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris-Documentalistes de Catalunya.
  • David Torres Leal, Experience Design, EVERIS.
  • Anna Rubió, teaching secretary of the Faculty, performing as the Council's secretary.
  • Concepción Rodríguez, director of the Department of Library and Information Science and Audiovisual Communication
  • Jordi Serra, Catalan Occupation Service of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Labour.
  • Miquel Térmens, dean of the Facultat.
  • Marta Cano, head of the General Management Office of the Library Services, Barcelona Provincial Council. 
  • Joan Salvat, Television of Catalonia.