University of Barcelona

Political and Administrative Sciences

Career opportunities

The main sectors for employment of graduates in Political and Administration Sciences are the public and private sector, the third sector, teaching and research, and supranational institutions.

The main job opportunities for graduates are:

  • Expert in public administration.
  • Management of organizations: direction, management and communication.
  • Analysis of public policies.
  • Local development agent: implementation of local actions; promotion of business activity, job creation and sustainable development; participation in European programmes; citizen participation plans.
  • Political analyst: analysis of society, opinions, values and attitudes of people and political agents; election results and political scenarios; political strategy and election campaigns; monitoring of socio-political indicators.
  • Advisory and consultancy work.
  • Institutional relations and corporate social responsibility.
  • International consultancy: advice, cooperation and development projects in other countries, international observer, mediation in crises and conflicts.
  • Teaching and research.