University of Barcelona

Public management and administration

Objectives and competences


The aim is for students to develop skills and knowledge to work in technical management positions. The objectives are focused on the area of economic and financial management, legal and administrative management and human resources management.

The objectives of the bachelor's degree in Public Management and Administration are equivalent to those of degrees in business administration, but they refer to a clearly different reality in the framework of public administrations.

Public administrations control and regulate a large part of private activity, stimulate another part and directly or indirectly provide services for the population relating to the economy, individuals, society or territory.

The knowledge provided by the bachelor's degree will enable graduates to manage and direct public and associated organizations in a professional manner.


Generic Competences

  • Commitment to ethical practice (critical and self-critical capabilities/capacity to demonstrate attitudes consistent with accepted notions of ethical practice)
  • Capacity for learning and responsibility (capacity for analysis and synthesis, to adopt global perspectives and to apply the knowledge acquired/capacity to take decisions and adapt to new situations)
  • Ability to work in a team (capacity to collaborate with others and contribute to a common project/capacity to work in cross-disciplinary and multicultural teams)
  • Creative and entrepreneurial skills (capacity to conceive, design and manage projects/capacity to research and integrate new knowledge and approaches)
  • Concern for sustainability (capacity to assess the social and environmental impact of actions taken in a particular setting/capacity to adopt integrated and systemic approaches)
  • Communication skills (capacity to understand and produce spoken and written Catalan, Spanish and a third language, including the comprehension and use of specialized terminology/capacity to research and integrate information in these languages)

Specific competences

  • Understanding of the underlying structures of the Spanish legal system and constitutional framework
  • Understanding of fundamental economic principles
  • Understanding of the fundamental principles of political science and the Spanish political system
  • Understanding of the fundamental principles of sociology and ability to apply standard research strategies
  • Understanding of the principal statistical tools and their application to public management
  • Understanding of the major areas of contemporary political and social history and ability to relate them with the current operation of public administrations.
  • Ability to use computer applications in administrative and financial management.
  • Understanding of the legal, economic and political organization and operation of public administrations in Spain and Europe.
  • Capacity to apply the principal instruments and resources used in the different areas of public management.
  • Ability to work within the legal frameworks of the different areas in legal and administrative management.
  • Ability to manage the financial and economic actions of public administrations.
  • Ability to work within the legal frameworks of public employment and plan and organize human resources in public administrations and other organizations.
  • Understanding of the specific features of local public management.
  • Knowledge and skills outside the standard public management skill set or applicable to specialized areas of public management.