University of Barcelona

Dual pathways: Law + Political and and Administration Science


The dual pathway Law-Political and Administration Science enables students to gain basic training in legal, political and administration studies, in order to meet the clearly defined training needs of a large proportion of new students, as well as social needs for more integrated, interdisciplinary academic training.

Society today requires professionals with the right skills to understand, influence and change what happens in our world. Since the 2012-2013 academic year, this dual pathway has enabled students to take two degrees at the same time, not just train in two areas. Therefore, the objective of the dual pathway is integrated, but the course is organized into two lines. The first is training on aspects of politics, specifically activities related to analysis, advice and support of political activity and decisions. The second is sound, basic training for working in legal professions.

The career opportunities provided by this double degree are those of the bachelor's degrees in Law and in Political and Administration Science. There is also added value derived from the multidisciplinary nature of political studies and the specific professional training provided by legal studies. In the current professional situation in the public and private arena, there is a clear need for professionals from different fields to work together and for an interdisciplinary approach. In the public sector, this dual pathway meets the academic requirements of public examinations for legal and administrative positions (for example, judges and attorneys, diplomats and experts in government bodies). In the private sector, the dual pathway increase students' ability to work, for example, in large law firms and legal consultancies, third-sector organizations and NGOs and to carry out highly specialized consultancy activities.