University of Barcelona


Recommended applicant profile

Jurists can be defined as people who are familiar with law and are trained to interpret and apply it to resolve the problems that arise in our life in society. Therefore, law students must be sensitive to human and social problems and have a certain degree of common sense.

An academic background in the humanities is not necessarily a requirement. Applicants may also be accepted if they have a background in science or technology, history, philosophy or economics. A good level of cultural knowledge is likely to prove useful. However, what is really essential to be a good jurist is a critical approach, curiosity, a well-organized mind, capacity to identify and differentiate some situations from others and, finally, a certain amount of imagination. A good memory is important, but it would be a great error to consider that legal studies are based exclusively on memorising information.

Law students are people who are in touch with reality, and engaged with analysing social reality and problems, listening to others, putting themselves in others' place, considering underlying interests, and making feasible, sensible, responsible decisions and agreements in line with democratic values.

There is not a specific applicant profile, but anyone who wants to graduate in law must be a good reader (including of the press) and clearly interested in national and international current affairs (politics, economy and social issues among others). Furthermore, students who are good communicators (the capacity for oral and written expression and argument skills are essential) and have a reasonable command of a foreign language (preferably English) are at an advantage.