The University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Law is an institution with a tradition that dates back to the establishment of the University itself. The Faculty of Laws and Canons, as it was then known, was part of the Estudi General of Barcelona, the forerunner of our university (founded in 1450). Over its long history, our school has managed to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, adapting to the evolving requirements of the professional and social world.

The UB’s Faculty of Law, the largest in Catalonia, currently offers bachelor’s degree courses in Law, Political Science, Criminology, Labour Relations, and Public Management and Administration, as well as various university master’s degrees, a doctoral programme, and a variety of postgraduate and lifelong learning courses and programmes.

The Faculty is committed to delivering courses of the highest quality and has sought to give studies a strong international dimension through dual degree programmes and others that facilitate the mobility of students and faculty.

Teaching and research activities are carried out at facilities located on the Diagonal Campus. The four buildings the Faculty occupies offer the university community modern facilities surrounded by landscaped grounds in the heart of the city – a combination that makes it an exceptional space.

We welcome you and encourage students, professionals, academics and researchers to visit the Faculty and get to know us.


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