University of Barcelona

Legal Practice

Recommended applicant profile and admission requirements

Recommended applicant profile

Most students on this course will hold a degree in law from a Catalan or Spanish university. Their objective will be to complete the master's degree, in order to take the examination for professional practice as a lawyer.
However, other profiles will also be considered:
  • Holders of EHEA bachelor's degrees or equivalent undergraduate degrees in law who are practising professionals and wish to update their professional knowledge and skills at university level.
  • Holders of bachelor's degrees or equivalent undergraduate degrees in law who are not planning to sit the state examination granting access to the legal profession but who wish to complete a university master's degree of recognized academic quality.
  • Holders of foreign degrees who seek solid training in law through a university master's degree from a reliable, prestigious academic institution.

Specific requirements

Access to the master's degree in Legal Practice is restricted to students who have obtained the competences stipulated in the pertinent Spanish legislation (articles 2.1 and 3 of Royal Decree 775/2011, of 3 June, approving the regulations of Law 34/2006, of 30 October, on access to the legal profession) and are in possession of a bachelor's degree or pre-EHEA degree (for example, the Spanish licenciatura). Degrees issued outside Spain must be officially recognized as equivalent to the corresponding Spanish qualification, following the procedure established by the Spanish Ministry of Justice. Students not in possession of one of these degrees will not be permitted to sit the admission test.