University of Barcelona

Advanced Public Management

Objectives and competences


The aim of the course is to help students develop expertise in four areas of management: legal and administrative management, financial management, human resource management and public policy management.

Students must gain in-depth knowledge of each of these areas, the applicable legal frameworks and management tools, and current challenges facing management. This will provide an overall understanding of the different dimensions to government activity and the public sector as a whole, and the ability to tackle their functions and objectives from a management point of view.


The course also involves the development of basic and cross-disciplinary competences. Students will develop the capacity to understand theories, apply methods and organize data, in order to integrate knowledge for the purpose of carrying out original research, which also implies consideration of related social and ethical responsibilities. They will also learn team leadership and how to publicly communicate conclusions that have been reached and the arguments on which they are based.

Complete list of competences.