Facilities and spaces

  • Ground floor
  1. Aula Magna Enric Casassas
  2. Cafeteria and restaurant
  3. Dining room
  • First floor
  1. Library
  2. Copy services 

  • Ground floor
  1. Sala de graus (A01S)
  2. A02I. Computer room SUN
  3. A03I. Student computer room
  4. A04L. Quantum laboratory
  5. A05L. Electronics laboratory
  6. A06L. Solid state laboratory
  7. A07I and A08I. Computer rooms for teaching
  8. A09E. Student common room
  • First floor
  1. Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff
  2. Information point
  3. Classrooms A11G and A12G
  4. Dean's Office
  • Second floor
  1. A21L. Mechanics laboratory
  2. A28L. Continuous media laboratory
  3. Classrooms A22G, A23G, A24M, A25M, A26P and A27P
  • Third floor
  1. A31L. Optics laboratory
  2. A36L. Electricity laboratory
  3. Classrooms A32G, A33M, A34M and A35G
  • Fourth floor
  1. A41L. Modern physics laboratory
  2. A46L. Laboratori de termologia
  3. Classrooms A42G, A43M, A44M and A45G

  • Ground floor
  1. Pau Gargallo information point
  2. N01L. Teaching laboratory. Photonics and formation and image processing
  3. N02L. Teaching laboratory. Electricity and optics. Physics II
  4. N03L. Teaching laboratory. Physics of dielectric and optical materials. Physical instrumentation. CETOMM (electric, thermal, optical and magnetic behaviour of materials)
  5. N04L. Teaching laboratory. Electromagnetic technology laboratory
  6. N05L. Teaching laboratory. Electronic and photonic devices
  7. Classroom N06G
  • First floor 1
  1. Sala de graus Eduard Fontseré
  2. Sala de juntes
  3. N11L. Teaching laboratory
  4. N12L. Teaching laboratory. Digital systems and processors
  5. N13L. Teaching laboratory
  6. N14L. Teaching laboratory
  7. N15L. Teaching laboratory. Power electronics
  • Second floor
  1. Departmental Management Office for Electronics
  2. Management and Promotion Office for the Microsystems Engineering Centre for Instrumentation and Control (CEMIC)
  3. Prototypes research laboratory (EL)
  4. Microprocessors, integrated optics and optoelectronics research laboratory (EL)
  5. Circuit design and testing research laboratory (EL)
  6. Micro- and nanosystems and bioelectronics research laboratory (EL)
  7. Electronic device testing and characterization research laboratory (EL)
  • Third floor
  1. Large seminar room (325) and small seminar room (328)
  2. Electronics seminar room (324)
  3. Fundamental physics seminar room
  4. Control and power research laboratory (EL)
  5. Radiofrequency and microwave research laboratory (EL)
  6. Magnetic and transport properties research laboratory (FF)
  • Fourth floor
  1. Materials and devices characterization laboratory (FAO)
  2. Physics and engineering of amorphous and nanostructured materials research laboratory (FEMAN) (425) (FAO)
  3. Chemistry at ultracold temperatures research laboratory (FF)
  4. Magnetism, low temperatures and microwaves research laboratory (FF)
  5. Electrical transport and magnetic properties research laboratory (FF)
  6. Laser processing research laboratory (GPL) (FAO)
  • Fifth floor
  1. Departmental Management Office for Applied Physics and Optics
  2. Applied Physics and Optics seminar room
  3. Optical manipulation and biophotonics laboratory (FAO)
  • Sixth floor
  1. Nonlinear physics research laboratory (ECM)
  2. Materials research laboratory (ECM)
  • Seventh floor
  1. Secretary's Office for Astronomy and Meteorology
  2. Spanish Astronomy Society (SEA)

  • Ground floor
  1. Thermal Spraying Centre (CPT)
  2. Mechanical Technology Unit
  3. Cryogenics Service
  4. Micro- and nanotechnology laboratory
  • First floor
  1. Master's degree classrooms: V15P, V14E (master's degree computer room), V13P, V12M, V11G
  2. Gas sensor testing and characterization laboratory (CIDEM)
  3. Synthesis and processing of advanced materials laboratory (CIDEM)
  4. Fluid physics laboratory (V16L)
  5. Language Services user support office
  • Second floor
  1. Photonics laboratory (EL)
  2. Prototypes Unit
  3. Electrophotonics laboratory (EL)
  4. Electronic engineering projects laboratory (EL)
  • Third floor
  1. Departmental Management Office for Fundamental Physics
  • Fourth floor
  1. Solar energy research laboratory (GES) (FAO)
  2. Thin-film materials and structures for spintronics research laboratory (GECFE) (FAO)
  3. Thin films and surface engineering research laboratory (CFIS) (FAO)
  4. Physics and engineering of amorphous and nanostructured materials research laboratory (FEMAN) (FAO)
  5. Multifunctional materials characterization laboratory (FAO)
  6. Secondary ion mass spectrometry laboratory (CCIT-UB)
  • Fifth floor
  1. Pere Pascual seminar room
  2. Cell culture laboratory (FAO)
  3. Vector bundles laboratory (FAO)
  4. Wavefronts and image quality laboratory (FAO)
  5. Photography laboratory (FAO)
  • Sixth floor
  1. Departmental Management Office for Structure and Constituents of Matter
  2. Computer room (ECM)
  • Seventh floor
  1. High-energy physics laboratory (ECM)
  2. Nonlinear physics laboratory (ECM)
  3. Astronomy laboratories V71L, V81E and V91E
  4. Astronomy and meteorology seminar room
  5. Atmospheric physics
  6. Terrace