Message from the Dean


Welcome to the Physics Faculty of the University of Barcelona (UB).


Physics is an enormous discipline that covers many different subjects, which may span from galaxies in the deep space directly down to subatomic particles: Speed, Acceleration, Gravitation, Meteorology, Nanoscience, Big Data (from complex systems like internet, mobility and economy), Lasers, Photonics, Electronics, Medical Imaging, Biophysics, Quantum Physics and Cosmology are part of the list (here

incomplete) of Physics area.


Ours is the only Physics Faculty in Catalonia, where each year admits the larger number of students for the Bachelor's degree in Physics and has the widest academic offer in physics within the Catalan University System, including subjects such as Astronomy and Meteorology. The main objective of the Physics Faculty towards the students is first and foremost their integral preparation, so that they can face with full capabilities their future careers, either in the Industry, Business, Research or  Education. The Physics Bachelor's degree is among those with the least unemployment rate and with the higher satisfaction among graduates. Three out of every four Physics graduates would repeat the same enrollment, and five in every six would do so in the same (our) Physics Faculty. Internally, the Physics Faculty is structured in four departments that cover a wide variety of the Physics teaching areas, namely: Quantum Physics and Astrophysics department, Condensed Matter department, Applied Physics department and Electronic & Biomedical Engineering department.


In addition to the Bachelor's degree in Physics, our Faculty offers a Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, with a limited number of students. In both cases, there is a very active internship program that allows for a very productive and fruitful contact of our students and the professional and industry world. The Physics Faculty also co-organizes the teaching of a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering (with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences), and also in a Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering (with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics).  Moreover, our academic staff takes part of the teaching in other Bachelor's degrees such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering and Biology, among others.


The Faculty of Physics complements the Bachelor's degree with a wide offer of official Master's programs: Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Cosmology;  Quantum Science and Technologies; Renewable Energies and Energy Sustainability; Biomedical Engineering, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics & Complex Systems Physics, Meteorology. Also, the Physics Faculty participates institutionally in other five Masters' degree programs, managed by other universities.


Our alumni can top their academic education enrolling into our Physics PhD program, or in any of the other PhD programs participated by our Faculty which are transversal among different UB Faculties, such as: Nanosciences, Biomedicine, Engineering & Applied Sciences.


All the aforementioned academic offers would not be possible, nor would it make any sense, if it was not strongly bound to the different scientific Research groups present in our Physics Faculty. Both the consolidated Research groups (SGR) in each department and the transversal groups (among different departments) which usually are hosted by one of the UB Research Institutes present in our Physics

Faculty: ICCUB - Cosmos Science Institute (Maria de Maeztu Excellence Distinction), IN2UB - Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Institute, UBICS - Complex Systems Institutes. Also, a rather important number of our Faculty members have their Research participation in different CERCA system Research institutions (IEEC, IBEC, IREC, etc…). All that causes that around 15% of the incoming Research Funding at the UB is originated by the Physics Faculty.


Summarizing, the Physics Faculty proudly contributes in a decisive way to make possible for the UB to be positioned at the top of Spanish universities in most internationally recognized rankings, since it is among the first two universities in Research, and among the first three universities in Research, Teaching and Social Impact.


Eugeni Graugés i Pous