European Congress Psychology 2017
Destacat | 10-07-2017

EFPA Panel Debate: How to organize and fund psychological services in health care systems?

The Standing Committee on Psychology and Health organises a panel debate on the topic of how to organise and fund psychological services in health care systems. Several factors, such as the economic crisis, aging population, impact of chronic care are putting pressure on health care systems and their funding. We are in need of new organisation and funding models of our health care. The panel debate will focus on the role and place of the clinical/health psychologists in those new models.
Panel members will include:

  • Prof. Dr. Maureen Rutten (to be confirmed)
  • David Neto (Member of the SC, confirmed)
  • Harmen Lecock, policy advisor mental health (to be confirmed)
  • Eddy Murphy (Confirmed)
  • Pim Cuijpers (effective psychological interventions, confirmed).

Moderator: Koen Lowet (Member of the SC)

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