New Perspectives in Transportation – Big data Telematics towards Usage based Insurance

abril 19th, 2017|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Big data Telematics towards Usage based Insurance   This workshop (May 4 2017) is a meeting to discuss innovation in telematics from the perspective of insurers and manufacturers, as well as the design of public policies aimed to reduce accidents on the road.   For more information, see the preliminary programme.   Link to the

Prof. Tim Boonen, University of Amsterdam visits Riskcenter

febrero 20th, 2017|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Tim gave a seminar on  "Modeling and forecasting mortality with economic growth: a multi-population approach". He reviewed the existing literature on mortality modeling of multiple populations, which focuses mainly on extrapolating the past mortality trends and summarizes these trends by one or more common latent factors. In his paper, they propose a multi-population stochastic mortality

M. Santolino presented his book on the actuarial profession, a comparative analysis on how to get qualified as an actuary

enero 26th, 2017|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Session outline The event was opened by Mercedes Sanz, chair of Insurance and Pensions in Fundacion Mapfre. After, Gregorio Gil de Rozas, president of the Institute of Spanish Actuaries-IAE, spoke about the legal protection of the actuarial profession in Spain. Then, Eduardo Sánchez, general assistant director of actuarial function in Mapfre, spoke about the opportunities

SCOR award to telematics revolution

noviembre 24th, 2016|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Nov. 16 2016: SCOR Iberian award to "The telematics revolution. How to price automobile insurance per kilometre driven?" by Jean-Philippe Boucher, Steven Coté (both from UQÀM, Québec) and Montserrat Guillen, Ana M. Pérez-Marin (UB Riskcenter) . The prize was given by the jury to the contribution to the innovation in risk and insurance products in a new digital

Riskcenter researchers awarded XIII Edad&Vida Higinio Raventós prize

octubre 5th, 2016|Categories: Highlights, Noticies-RISKCENTER|

Sep. 29 2016: During the annual dinner of Fundació Edad&Vida, the researcher of UB Riskcenter received the prize for a study on "Strategies for Managing Savings after Retirement". This analysis will consider pay-out schemes around the world. Comparisons will be made for Spain, USA, Japan, Latinamerican and European countries. One of the outputs is the design of personalized guides to assess retired