Roger Castaño

PhD Student
University of Barcelona

PhD Student enrolled in the Biotechnology program from the Pharmacy’s faculty of UB.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Biochemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and perused a master in drug research development and control in Universitat de Barcelona. During my studies, I enjoyed a year abroad at Leiden University taking part in the Erasmus+ program, where I joined an internship on the supramolecular and biomaterials chemistry group. Throughout my work in a clinical laboratory, I acquired a background in molecular biology and genomics. My master’s thesis was carried out at Galdeano’s lab elucidating the binding mode of small molecules to Fbw7.

During my PhD I am interested in deepening the knowledge about the drug discovery process and apply structural biology, biophysical and biochemical tools to study small molecules and PROTACs targeting SCF-E3 ligases and its complexes.