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Joan Albert Lopez Bustins
  • Orcid 0000-0003-3414-5577
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament de Geografia
  • Facultat Facultat de Geografia i Història

Publicacions en revistes de Joan Albert Lopez Bustins (41)

S'han trobat 41 resultats

Mathbout, S.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Royé, D.; Martin-Vide, J.; Benhamrouche, A. (2019)

Spatiotemporal variability of daily precipitation concentration and its relationship to teleconnection patterns over the Mediterranean during 1975-2015

International Journal of Climatology
40, pp. 1435 - 1455
Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Lemus-Canovas, M. (2019)

The influence of the Western Mediterranean Oscillation upon the spatiotemporal variability of precipitation over Catalonia (northeastern of the Iberian Peninsula)

Atmospheric Research
Lemus-Canovas, Marc; Lopez-Bustins, Joan A.; Martin-Vide, Javier; Roye, Dominic (2019)

synoptReg: An R package for computing a synoptic climate classification and a spatial regionalization of environmental data

Environmental Modelling & Software
118, pp. 114 - 119
Lemus-Canovas, M.; Martin-Vide, J.; Moreno-Garcia, M.C.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A. (2019)

Estimating Barcelona's metropolitan daytime hot and cold poles using Landsat-8 land surface temperature

Science of the Total Environment
699 (2020) , 134307
Lemus-Canovas, M.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Trapero, L.; Martin-Vide, J. (2019)

Combining circulation weather types and daily precipitation modelling to derive climatic precipitation regions in the Pyrenees

Atmospheric Research
220, pp. 181 - 193
Lemus-Canovas, M.; Ninyerola, M.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Manguan, S.; Garcia-Sellés, C. (2019)

A mixed application of an objective synoptic classification and spatial regression models for deriving winter precipitation regimes in the Eastern Pyrenees

International Journal of Climatology
39, pp. 2244 - 2259
López-Bustins, J.A. (2018)

Lluvias fuertes, pero mal repartidas. El caso del clima Mediterráneo

23 , 1.243, pp. 1 - 6
Redolat, D.; Monjo, R.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Martin-Vide, J. (2019)

Upper-Level Mediterranean Oscillation index and seasonal variability of rainfall and temperature

Theoretical and Applied Climatology
135, pp. 1059 - 1077
Mathbout, S.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Royé, D.; Bech, J.; Martin-Vide, J.; Rodrigo, F.S. (2018)

Observed changes in daily precipitation extremes at annual timescale over the eastern mediterranean during 1961-2012

Pure and Applied Geophysics
175 , 11, pp. 3875 - 3890
Mathbout, S.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Martin-Vide; J. Bech, J.; Rodrigo, F.S. (2018)

Spatial and temporal analysis of drought variability at several time scales in Syria during 1961-2012

Atmospheric Research
200, pp. 153 - 168
López-Bustins, J.A.; Salvà-Catarineu, M.; Salvador-Franch, F. (2016)

Installing thermohygrometers in the branches of dead Juniperus turbinata trees on El Hierro (Canary Isles, Spain).

EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union
97 , 10, pp. 33 - 33
López-Bustins, J.A.; Clavero Masana, R. (2016)

Olimpiada de Geografía: una mirada al conocimiento geográfico en la enseñanza media

López-Bustins, J.A. (2015)

El hallazgo de una teleconexión climática en la cuenca del Mediterráneo Occidental

Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Serrano, E.; Ayarzagüena, B.; Sanchez-Lorenzo, A. (2015)

Spatial and temporal temperature trends in the lower stratosphere during the extended boreal winter from reanalyses

International Journal of Climatology
35, pp. 3888 - 3901
Pascual, D.; Pla, E.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Retana, J.; Terradas, J. (2015)

Impacts of climate change on water resources in the Mediterranean Basin: A case study in Catalonia, Spain

Hydrological Sciences Journal - Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques
60 , 12, pp. 2132 - 2147
Azorin-Molina, C.; Vicente-Serrano, S.M.; McVicar, T.R.; Jerez, S.; Sanchez-Lorenzo, A.; López-Moreno, J.I.; Revuelto, J.; Trigo, R.M.; Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Espírito-Santo F. (2014)

Homogenization and assessment of observed near-surface wind speed trends over Spain and Portugal, 1961-2011

Journal of Climate
27, pp. 3692 - 3712
Lopez-Bustins, J.A.; Pla, E.; Nadal, M.; de Herralde, F; Savé R. (2014)

Global change and viticulture in the Mediterranean region: a case of study in north-eastern Spain

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research
12 , 1, pp. 78 - 88
López-Bustins, J.A.; Pla, E.; Pascual, D.; Retana, J.; Savé, R. (2013)

El clima i la producció d'olives a la Catalunya seca: el cas de Cabacés (el Priorat)

Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia
75, pp. 291 - 303
Lopez-Bustins, J.A. (2013)

The Unknown Western Mediterranean Oscillation

Atomium Culture
Lopez-Bustins, J.A. (2013)

The Unknown Western Mediterranean Oscillation

Il Sole 24 Ore