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Jose Luis Araus Ortega
  • Orcid 0000-0002-8866-2388
  • Categoria Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Departament Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Facultat Facultat de Biologia

Publicacions en revistes de Jose Luis Araus Ortega (286)

S'han trobat 286 resultats

Rezzouk, F.Z.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Kefauver, S.; Aparicio, N.; Aranjuelo, I.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L. (2019)

Remote sensing techniques and stable isotopes as phenotyping tools to assess wheat yield performance: Effects of growing temperature and vernalization

Plant Science
295, p. 110281
Ben-Jabeur, M.; Kthiri, Z.; Harbaoui, K.; Belguesmi, K.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Hamada, W. (2019)

Seed coating with thyme essential oil or Paraburkholderia phytofirmans PsJN strain: Conferring Septoria leaf blotch resistance and promotion of yield and grain isotopic composition in wheat

9 , 10, p. 586
Yousfi, S.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Kellas, N.; Kaddour, M.; Chadouli, A.; Karrou, M.; Araus, .L.; Serret, M.D. (2019)

Combined use of low-cost remote sensing techniques and C to assess bread wheat grain yield under different water and nitrogen conditions

9 , 6, p. 285
Sanchez-Bragado, Rut; Dolors Serret, Maria; Maria Marimon, Rosa; Bort, Jordi; Luis Araus, Jose (2019)

The Hydrogen Isotope Composition delta H-2 Reflects Plant Performance

Plant Physiology
180 , 2, pp. 793 - 812
Araus, J.L.; Serret, M.D.; Lopes, M.S. (2019)

Insight. Transgenic solutions to increase yield and stability in wheat: shining hope or flash in the pan?

Journal of Experimental Botany
70 , 5, pp. 1419 - 1424
Fernandez-Gallego, J.A.; Buchaillot, M.L.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Vatter, T.; Vergara Diaz, O.; Aparicio Gutiérrez, N.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Kerfal, S.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Kefauver, S.C. (2019)

Cereal crop ear counting in field conditions using zenithal RGB images

JoVE. Journal of Visualized Experiments
144 , p. e58695
Medina, S.; Vicente R.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Aparicio, N.,;Chairi, F.; Vergara-Diaz, O.; Araus, J.L. (2019)

The plant-transpiration response to vapour pressure deficit (VPD) in durum wheat is associated with differential yield performance and specific expression of genes involved in primary metabolism and water transport

Frontiers in Plant Science
9, p. 1994
Salazar-Parra, C.; Aranjuelo, I.; Pascual, I.; Aguirreolea, J.; Sánchez-Díaz, M.; Irigoyen, J.J.; Araus, J.L.; Morales, F. (2018)

Is vegetative area, photosynthesis, or grape C uploading involved in the climate change-related grape sugar/anthocyanin decoupling in Tempranillo?

Photosynthesis Research
138, pp. 115 - 128
Vergara-Díaz, O.; Chairi, F.; Vicente, R.; Fernandez-Gallego, J.A.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Aparicio, N.; Kefauver, S.C.; Araus, J.L. (2018)

Leaf dorsoventrality as a paramount factor determining spectral performance in field-grown wheat under contrasting water regimes

Journal of Experimental Botany
69 , 12, pp. 3081 - 3094
Murchie, E.H.; Kefauver, S.: Araus, J.L.; Muller, O.; Rascher, U.; Flood, P.J.; Lawson, T. (2018)

Measuring the dynamic photosynthome

Annals of Botany
122, pp. 207 - 220
Fernandez-Gallego, J.A.; Aparicio-Gutierrez, N.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Araus, J.L. (2018)

Automatic wheat ear counting in-field conditions: simulation and implication of lower resolution images

Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hidrology. SPIE
Fernandez-Gallego, J.A.; Kefauver, Shawn C.; Aparicio-Gutierrez, N.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Araus, J.L. (2018)

Wheat ear counting in-field conditions: high throughput and low-cost approach using RGB images

Plant Methods
14 , 22
Araus, J.L.; Kefauver, S.C. (2018)

Breeding to adapt agriculture to climate change: affordable phenotyping solutions

Current Opinion in Plant Biology
Vicente, R.; Vergara-Díaz, O.; Kerfal, S.; López, A.; Melichar, J.; Bort, J.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Kefauver, S.C. (2018)

Identification of traits associated with barley yield performance using contrasting nitrogen fertilizations and genotypes

Plant Science
282, pp. 83 - 94
Vicente, R.; Vergara-Díaz, O.; Medina, S.; Chairi, F.; Kefauver, S.; Bort, J.; Serret, M.D.; Aparicio, N.; Araus, J.L. (2018)

Durum wheat ears perform better than the flag leaves under water stress: Gene expression and physiological evidence

Environmental and Experimental Botany
153, pp. 271 - 285
Chairi, F.; Vergara Diaz, O.; Vatter, T.; Aparicio, N.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Kefauver, S.C.; Bort, J.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L. (2018)

Post-Green Revolution genetic advance in durum wheat: the case of Spain

Field Crops Research
228, pp. 158 - 169
Molero G.; Tcherkez G.; Roca R.; Mauve C.; Cabrera-Bosquet Ll.; Araus J.L.; NoguésS S.; Aranjuelo I. (2019)

Do metabolic changes underpin physiological responses to water limitation in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) plants during a regrowth period?

Agricultural Water Management
212, pp. 1 - 11
Araus, J.L.; Kefauver, S.C.; Zaman-Allah, M.; Olsen, M.S.; Cairns, J.E. (2018)

Translating high throughput phenotyping into genetic gain

Trends in Plant Science
23 , 5, pp. 451 - 466
Gracia-Romero, A.; Vergara-Díaz, O.; Thierfelder, C.; Cairns, J.E.; Kefauver, S.C.: Araus, J.L. (2018)

Phenotyping conservation agriculture management effects on ground and aerial remote sensing assessments of maize hybrids performance in Zimbabwe.

Remote Sensing
10 , 349
Serret, M.D.; Yousfi, S.; Vicente, R.; Piñero, M.C.; Otálora-Alcón, G.; del Amor, F.M.; Araus, J.L. (2018)

Interactive effects of CO2 concentration and water regime on stable isotope signatures, nitrogen assimilation and growth in sweet Pepper.

Frontiers in Plant Science
8 , 2180