ARDIT Cultures Medievals is an association of post-graduate students connected with the Institut de Recerca en Cultures Medievals (IRCVM) of the University of Barcelona. Our goals are the research and diffusion of the medieval heritage from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Fascination with the Middle Ages, that is the one thing the members of ARDIT share above all others, that, and also being graduate students in different stages of our career. That was what brought us together in the first place, what encouraged us to form an association was the support  of our mother institution, the Institute for Research in Medieval Cultures (IRCVM) of the University of Barcelona. Inspired and nurtured by its model, we are an interdisciplinary structure with two clear goals: research and knowledge transfer and diffusion. Our main contribution is to approach the medieval world from an open, integral and sometimes daredevil perspective (that is after all what ardit means in Catalan) too often forbidden to our seniors…

On this web site you’ll find posts on our work, our activities, the projects we’re developing and of course you’ll be able to give us a most wanted feedback. If you follow us on the social medias, you’ll see a colourful, rich and unexpected medieval world, make it your own!



Wisdom as a Purpose: Ways of Learning, Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Visualization in the Middle Ages

Open until January 31st 2024