Associació de Recerca i Difusió Interdisciplinàries en Cultures Medievals

ARDIT Cultures Medievals is an association of post-graduate students, both from Master and PhD programmes, connected with the Institute of Research in Medieval Cultures (IRCVM) of the University of Barcelona.

Our goals are the research and diffusion of the medieval heritage from an interdisciplinary perspective. To do so, we organize and participate in different academic activities such as the Tandem Seminars, the annual networking sessions and the MOOC “Magic in the Middle Ages”. Additionally, we organize a biannual international congress aimed to spread the results of the research of young medievalists and to create synergies among the participants.

ARDIT is a growing and open association. Therefore, if you are interested in the Middle Ages, please do not hesitate to contact us and take part in our activities, either as an associate or a supporter.