4th ARDIT International Congress

Building Identities in the Middle Ages: New Approaches to Cultural Transmissions and Material Exchanges

Barcelona, 22-24 May 2019


The development and construction of identities in medieval Europe, through the circulation of people and the exchange of knowledge, are fields of study that have gained an increasing amount of recognition in recent years. For that reason, the 4th ARDIT International Congress has reunited researchers who are open to innovative ideas on the construction and evolution of the diverse representations of identity in the Middle Ages. During the congress, we focussed on two main areas: cultural transmissions and material exchanges, as we see these two as fundamental elements in the development of identity traits in the Middle Ages, be it from an individual, social, spiritual, artistic, literary, or architectural perspective. These two interconnected areas give room to a wide range of aspects of study: the transmission, reception, acceptance and diffusion of literary and linguistic shapes, artistic and architectural models, technological systems and structures of knowledge, the flow – planned or not – of people and commodities, and the exchange of ideas in official or marginalized field. With a clear interdisciplinary orientation, the 4th International Congress of ARDIT was aiming to present research from various fields of medieval studies, such as history, philology, philosophy, history of art and archaeology, among others, to discuss a Middle Ages that was in constant flux.

The results of the 4th ARDIT International Congress will soon be published by the University of Barcelona Editions