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Edifici Ramon Margalef
Facultat de Biologia
Universitat de Barcelona

Avinguda Diagonal 643
08028 Barcelona

Fax: +34 93 403 5740

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  Jacob González-Solís Bou imatge de maquetació
Tenured Assistant Professor
Vertebrates Unit

e-mail: ude.bu@silosgj

Phone: + 34 93 403 4802

Personal web page


"Llicenciatura" in Biology  
Population biology  
Bachelor's Degree
Degree in Biology  
Population biology  
Zoology I  
Degree in Biomedical Sciences  
Elements of anatomy and organography  
Master in Biodiversity  
Reproductive biology and strategies  
Orientation and migration  
Marine animal biodiversity  
Biology of marine birds  
Research Lines
Trophic and migratory ecology in birds
We do research on which and where are the main sources of food for birds and how they exploit them. This includes the study of food search movements as well as migration between breeding and wintering areas. This information is essential to determine which are the most important factors affecting bird populations, as well as to define the most important areas for birds.
Spatial and time responses of marine birds in the marine environment
We look for the main factors, both physical and biological, explaining bird distribution and abundance in the sea at different time and spatial scales. Understanding these interactions allows the prediction of bird potential distrbutions as well as factors limiting them. This is a key knowledge to anticipate bird responses to environmental changes such as global warming.
Interaction and coevolution between birds, parasites and pathogens
Birds can act as dispersers or reservoirs of viruses and bacteria that are significant for human health, such as Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria, or the West Nile virus. However, their role in the circulation and reemergence of these pathogens is quite unknown. Finding out ecological and evolutionary relationships between birds, parasites and pathogens is crucial to understand the impact that they may have on human health.
Pollutant dynamics in the marine environment
We do research on the levels of heavy metals and organic pollutants in marine bird communities to understand the impact of human activities on marine ecosystems. We are particularly interested in explaining pollutant levels from ecological factors such as trophic level or food search movements and the differential use of trophic networks. Finding out bioavailability and bioaccumulation processes is essential to understand ecotoxicological impact on marine ecosystems.
Bird molecular ecology and phylogeography
We are conducting research on evolutionary relationships and genetic structures of marine bird communities as well as on ecological and historical factors behind them. We are also using molecular techniques to sort out taxonomical uncertainties and to determine genetic health of threatened species and populations, which is key to assess management units (MU) or evolutionarily significant units (ESU).
Research Projects
- "Ecología pelágica y estrategias migratorias de las aves marinas en el atlántico". CGL2009-11278/BOS, Programa Nacional de Biodiversidad, Ciencias de la Tierra y Cambio Global (Biodiversidad), Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. 2010-2012
- "Reducció de les captures accidentals dels ocells marins en els palangrers artesanals del llevant espanyol”. 2012. Fundación Biodiversidad
- "Epidemiología de Salmonella y Campylobacter en granjas avícolas de cría al aire libre en relación con la proximidad de colonias de gaviotas". FAU2008-00012-C02-01. Acción de apoyo para la obtención de conocimientos sobre interacciones entre la fauna silvestre y la ganadería. Instituto Nacional de Investigación de Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. 2009-2011.
Predoctoral Students
- Veronica Cortés
- Maria Martínez Benito - ude.bu@bzenitramm
- Teresa Neto Militão - ude.bu@oatilimotent
- José Manuel de los Reyes - moc.liamg@seyersoled.leunamesoj
- Pedro Rodrigues - tp.au@seugirdorp
- Laura Stefan - ude.bu@nafets.arual
Postdoctoral Researchers
- Elena Gómez Díaz - ude.bu@zemogele
- Joan Navarro Bernabé - ude.bu@orravannaoj
- Raül Ramos Garcia - ude.bu@somar  
- José Luís Roscales - ude.bu@selacsorlj  
External Collaborators
- Joan Carles Abella Ciuraneta
Selected Publications
- Garnier, R., R.Ramos, V.Staszewski, T.Militão, E.Lobato, J.González-Solís & T.Boulinier (2012). Maternal antibody persistence: a neglected life history trait with implications from albatross conservation to comparative immunology. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. En premsa PDF
- Frederiksen,M., B.Moe, R.T.Barrett, M.I.Bogdanova, T.Boulinier, J.W.Chardine, O.Chastel, L.S.Chivers, S.Christensen-Dalsgaard, C.Clément-Chastel, K.Colhoun, F.Daunt, A.J.Gaston, J.González-Solís, A.Goutte, D.Grémillet, T.Guilford, G.H.Jensen, Y.Krasnov, S.Lorentsen, M.L.Mallory, M.Newell, B.Olsen, R.A.Phillips, D.Shaw, H.Steen, H.Strøm, G.H.Systad, T.L.Thórarinsson, T.Anker-Nilssen. Multi-colony tracking reveals the non-breeding distribution of a pelagic seabird on an ocean basin scale (2011). Diversity and Distributions. En premsa. PDF
- Lobato E, J.Pearce-Duvet, V.Staszewski, E.Gómez-Díaz, J.González-Solís, A.Kitaysky, K.D.McCoy, T. Boulinier (2011). Seabirds and the circulation of Lyme borreliosis bacteria in the North Pacific. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 11:1521-1527. PDF
- Roscales, J.L., J.Muñoz-Arnanz, J.González-Solís and B.Jiménez (2011). Geographic and trophic patterns of OCs in pelagic seabirds from the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean: a multi-species/multi-locality approach. Chemosphere 85:432-440. PDF
- González-Solís, J.,M.Smyrli, T.Militão, D.Gremillet, T.Tveraa, R.A.Phillips, T.Boulinier (2011). Combining stable isotope analyses and geolocation to reveal kittiwake migration. Marine Ecology Progress Series 435: 251-261. PDF
- Fairhurst, G.D., J.Navarro, J.González-Solís, T.A.Marchant and G.R.Bortolotti (2011). Feather corticosterone of a nestling seabird reveals consequences of sex-specific parental investment. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 279:177-184. PDF
- Roscales, J.L., J.González-Solís, P.Calabuig & B.Jimenez (2011). Interspecies and spatial trends in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Atlantic and Mediterranean pelagic seabirds. Environtmental Pollution 159:2899-2905. PDF
- Roscales, J.L., E.Gómez-Díaz, V.Neves and J.González-Solís (2011). Trophic versus geographic structure in stable isotope signatures of pelagic seabirds breeding in the northeast Atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series 434:1-13. PDF
- Foote, C.G., F.Daunt, J.González-Solís, L.Nasir, R.A.Phillips, P.Monaghan (2011). Individual state and survival prospects: age, sex and telomere length in a long-lived seabird. Behavioral Ecology 22:156-161. PDF
- Ramírez, O, J.C. Illera, J.C. Rando, J. Gonzalez-Solis, J.A. Alcover, C. Lalueza-Fox (2010) Ancient DNA of the extinct Lava shearwater (Puffinus olsoni) from the Canary Islands reveals incipient differentiation within the P. puffinus complex. PLoS ONE 5: e16072. PDF
- Gomez-Diaz, E., J.,González-Solís (2010). Trophic structure in a seabird host-parasite food web: insights from stable isotope analyses. PLoS ONE 5: e10454. PDF
- Roscales, J., Muñoz-Arnanz, J.,González-Solís, J., Jiménez, B. (2010). Geographical PCB and DDT patterns in shearwaters (Calonectris sp.) breeding across the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean archipelagos. Environmental Science & Technology 44:2328-2334. PDF
- González-Solís J., A.Felicísimo, J.W.Fox, V.Afanasyev, Y.Kolbeinsson, J.Muñoz (2009). Influence of sea surface winds on shearwater migration detours. Marine Ecology Progress Series 391: 221–230. PDF
- González-Solís J ., S.A.Shaffer (2009). Introduction and synthesis: spatial ecology of seabirds at sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 391: 117–120. PDF
- Ramos, R, J.González-Solís, J.P.Croxall, D.Oro & X.Ruiz (2009). Understanding oceanic migrations using intrinsic biogeochemical markers: the case of a pelagic seabird. PLoS ONE 4: e6236. PDF
- Navarro J., M.G.Forero, J.González-Solís, J.M.Igual, J.Bécares and K.A.Hobson (2009). Foraging segregation between two closely related shearwaters breeding in sympatry. Biology Letters 5: 545-548. PDF
- Gómez-Díaz, E., J.González-Solís and M.A.Peinado (2009). Population structure in a highly pelagic seabird, the Cory's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea): an examination of genetics, morphology and ecology. Marine Ecology Progress Series 382: 197-209. PDF
- Felicísimo, A.M., J.Muñoz & J.González-Solís (2008). Ocean surface winds drive dynamics of transoceanic aerial movements. PLoS ONE 3:e2928. PDF
- Friesen, V.L., A.L.Smith, E.Gómez-Díaz, M.Bolton, R.W.Furness, J.González-Solís & L.Monteiro (2007). Sympatric speciation by allochrony in a seabird. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 104, 18589–18594. PDF
- González-Solís, J., J.P.Croxall, D.Oro, & X.Ruiz (2007). Trans-equatorial migration and mixing in the wintering areas of a pelagic seabird. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 5:297-301. PDF



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