UB Card

The University of Barcelona card identifies you as a member of the UB community, provides a range of useful functions and gives you access to services and advantages for your specific user group: students, teaching and research staff or administrative and service staff.

The University of Barcelona offers two types of card: the digital card — integrated into the SocUB app — and the physical university smart card. Both confirm your identity as a member of the UB community and provide access to services and advantages.

Digital card, integrated into the SocUB app

UB digital card

The digital card is integrated into the SocUB app and is available to:

  • University of Barcelona students and students enrolled at affiliated centres, the School of Modern Languages, Hispanic Studies and the Institute for Lifelong Learning.
  • Teaching and research staff (PDI).
  • Administrative and service staff (PAS).
  • External collaborating staff.

Find out how to obtain the digital card for your user group:

University smart card

UB card

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