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The Bioethics Commission of the University of Barcelona (CBUB) has the purpose of evaluating the research projects and activities of UB researchers that may require it, to discuss and analyze the ethical problems raised by scientific research, and to promote training in bioethics and integrity in the investigation of doctorate investigators and researchers in training. The favorable report of the ethics committee of the center where the project is to be carried out is a legally established requirement (Law 14/2007) to initiate any research on human beings, with biological samples of human origin and personal data.



The XVI International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics of the University of Barcelona will be held on February 10, 2022, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Spanish time, UTC+1), under the name of "Emerging technologies and personal data protection in health".

The writer and journalist Marta Peirano will give the inaugural conference "Icontrol: la frontera de los datos médicos en el mundo post-covid" ("Icontrol: the frontier of health data in the post-covid world").


The Bioethics Commission of University of Barcelona (CBUB) reminds you that, since 2020, the UB has a code of conduct for research integrity that is applicable to all researchers and other agents who participate in research processes and knowledge transfer.

You can consult it here: UB Code of Conduct for Research Integrity


A new report by the Bioethics and Law Observatory (OBD) of the University of Barcelona analyses the ethical aspects of dialogue between science and society, and goes through some successful and failure cases of communication between the scientific community and citizens, and provides participating stakeholders with a series of recommendations.


On Thursday, October 27, the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona held the presentation for the first Declaration of scientific integrity on responsible research and innovation elaborated in Latin countries.

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