• Bioethics Commission of University of Barcelona
  • Facultat de Medicina i Ciències de la Salut
  • Campus Clínic, Planta 5ª, Ala Nord
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    08036 Barcelona
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  • International Research Projects Office (OPIR)
  • University of Barcelona
    Bosch i Gimpera Foundation
  • Parc Científic, Torre D. 4a planta
  • Baldiri i Reixac, 4-8
  • 08028 Barcelona
  • (+34) 93 403 53 93


The University of Barcelona's Bioethics Commission (CBUB) evaluates research projects to be carried out by members of the University of Barcelona community (academics and researchers) that are presented in competitive calls managed through the University's Office of Research Management (OGR) and Office for International Research Projects (OPIR). The favourable opinion of an ethics committee at a research centre where a research project is going to be carried out is a legally established requisite for initiating any research involving humans, biological samples of human origin or personal data.

With the aim of promoting responsible research and innovation, the Commission issues communications regarding the analysis of cases raised in the research community or on its own initiative. Composed of 12 members representing different academic and research areas in the UB and presided over by the vice-rector for research, the CBUB is at the service of the research community.  Thus, it also elaborates protocols and check-lists useful for preparing research projects and to improve understanding of the methodological and ethical-legal issues related to different types of research.

Established in 1996, with this new website the Commission has made a committment to better communicate its activity, establishing a dialogue over the research being carried out in the university with society, and to giving greater visibility to the resources of the UB related to research activity, such as, for example, the treatment of personal data or training in ethics, bioethics and integrity in research.

The Bioethics and Law Observatory-UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at the University of Barcelona is the CBUB's contact and information point for the public, and is in constant communication with the OGR and the OPIR. The CBUB has been chosen by different agencies of the Generalitat of Catalonia (the regional government) as the institution of reference in the research sphere due to its trajectory and developed procedures for evaluating public calls for financing research activity.

In 2002 the Commission created the Network of Ethics Committees in Universities and Public Research Centres in Spain  with the aim  of sharing problems, homogeneising procedures and generating best practices in research. This network, which combines a virtual platform with periodic face to face meetings, has become, along with the CBUB, a reference at the European level as a tool for promoting integrity in research; both are models that can be replicated in other universities and research contexts.


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