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The focus of our research perspective is in particular on the impact that a holistic conception of technology enhanced learning public spaces, tools and approaches promoting intergenerational learning have on the acquisition of social competences, such as for instance, the development of self-identity, autonomy and sense of belonging to a community, both by youngsters and adults.

The rationale for La Piazza stems from the need to enrich the current model of collaborative technology enhanced public spaces for informal learning, such as for instance Computer Clubhouses or other similar community centers, as well as museums, and civic networks catering for the social integration of adults and youths, by setting scientifically sound and socially relevant basis for researching and further developing two key dimensions that are still problematic and unexplored by current research and practice:

  1. Intergenerational learning scenarios supported by technology in public social spaces, where learning takes place across ages through meaningful social interactions.
  1. Ecological integration of technology interfaces and tools in the physical architecture of those public spaces, to support meaningful and playful intergenerational learning activities.
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