To register to the FoCM 2017 conference, please use the following link: registration form

This registration process is done in three steps:

   1 - Open an account at the CRM webpage.
   2 - Complete the form, by previously choosing the registration fee that corresponds
     to your academic situation (junior or senior).
   3 - Payement can be done via credit card or bank transfer.

Registration fees

  • Students and young researchers (PhD in 2012 or later):
  •    - Until May 20th, 2017:  100 Eur.
       - After May 20th, 2017:  125 Eur.

  • All other participants:
  •    - Until May 20th, 2017:  160 Eur.
       - After May 20th, 2017:  200 Eur.

  • Members of Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques can pay the reduced registration fee without any deadline.

  • Social events

    There will be 3 evening social events, one during each period. There is an additional cost of 40 Eur to participate in each of these events.

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