Plenary Speakers

Period 1: July 10th-12th, 2017

Karim Adiprasito

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

T<4E (Video)

Jean-David Benamou

INRIA Rocquencourt, France

Dynamic formulations of optimal transportation and variational relaxation of Euler equations (Slides, Video)

Martin Hairer

University of Warwick, UK

Stochastic PDEs and their approximations (Slides)

Melvin Leok

University of California at San Diego, USA

Variational discretizations of gauge field theories using group-equivariant interpolation spaces (Slides, Video)

Andrew Stuart

California Institute of Technology, USA

Large graph limits of learning algorithms (Slides, Video)

Shmuel Weinberger

University of Chicago, USA

Interpolation, rudimentary geometry of spaces of Lipschitz functions and complexity (Slides)

Period 2: July 13th-15th, 2017

Mireille Bousquet-Mélou EMS Distinguished Speaker

CNRS & Université de Bordeaux, France

Functional equations in enumerative combinatorics (Slides)

Claudio Canuto

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Adaptive high-order methods for elliptic problems: Convergence and optimality (Slides, Video)

Pierre Lairez

INRIA Saclay Île-de-France, France

Finding one root of a polynomial system: Smale's 17th problem (Slides)

Gábor Lugosi

ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Mean estimation: median-of-means tournaments (Slides)

Bruno Salvy

INRIA & École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

Linear differential equations as a data-structure (Slides, Video)

Joel Tropp

California Institute of Technology, USA

Applied random matrix theory (Slides)

Period 3: July 17th-19th, 2017

Alexei Borodin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Fourier-like bases and integrable probability (Slides, Video)

Mark Braverman

Princeton University, USA

Information complexity and applications (Slides, Video)

Monique Laurent

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and Tilburg University, Netherlands

Completely positive semidefinite matrices: conic approximations and matrix factorization ranks (Slides, Video)

Lek-Heng Lim 2017 Stephen Smale Prize

University of Chicago, USA

Structure tensors (Slides, Video)

Sylvia Serfaty

New York University, USA

Microscopic description of systems of points with Coulomb-type interactions (Slides, Video)

Steve Smale

City University of Hong Kong, China & University of California at Berkeley, USA

Mathematics of cell division (Video)

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