WeMO applications

The WeMOi has been applied at daily time scale to heavy rainfall events with very satisfactory results (Martin-Vide and Lopez-Bustins, 2006; Martin-Vide et al., 2008). Actually, the daily WeMOi has been also applied to other climatic variables:

– Convective rainfall (López-Bustins and Azorín-Molina, 2004)

– Sea-breeze occurrence (Azorin-Molina and Lopez-Bustins, 2008)

– Urban Heat Island (Lopez-Bustins et al., 2006)

Moreover, WeMOi has been already correlated with the sunshine variability (Lopez-Bustins and Sanchez-Lorenzo, 2006) and winter rainfall trends in the Iberian Peninsula (Oliva et al., 2006; Lopez-Bustins et. al., 2008). 

The WeMO features were developed in a PhD about the WeMOi application to the Catalan Countries rainfall variability (Eastern Iberian Peninsula) by Lopez-Bustins. PhD supervisor: Martin-Vide.