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Communication and the Cultural Industry Bachelor’s Degree (CIC), of the University of Barcelona, was born with the will to offer rigorous and multidisciplinary training in the fields of communication and the cultural industries. For this purpose, this degree outlines a cross curriculum through social sciences, arts, humanities and communication technologies.

The specificity of this degree lies on the idea of working on audiovisual communication and journalism subjects, as well as on communication and management within cultural and creative industries. In conclusion, this degree wants to provide students with a training adapted to today’s dynamic reality.

This programme aims to encourage students with the ability to think analytically and reflectively trough a knowledge focused on humanistic, artistic and technical procedures and tendencies in all the different types of communication (oral, written, visual, audiovisual and multimedia). The intention is to create a professional profile capable of adapting itself to a sector that is constantly changing.

As part of the Faculty of Philology and Communication, of the University of Barcelona, this degree offers a wide range of knowledge and resources, provided by experts and professionals from these sectors, in order to offer students technical skills and make them acquire capacity to think critically so they can adapt themselves to the current historic moment. At the same time, this program emphasises practical perspective with the purpose of approaching students to the reality of communication and cultural industry sectors.