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Talk “How music moves in digital era” (30/11/2017)


Jordi Bianccioto teacher of the subject “The music and the phonographic industry” invited Marc Isern of Vibra Comunicació and to Joan S. of MondoSonoro to the Faculty of Philology of the University of Barcelona in order to share with the students of Communication and Cultural Industries how music moves nowadays.

Marc Isern, in charge of communication of music groups like Txarango, The Sticker or Aspencat, and Joan S. Moon, chief of the editorial department of MondoSonoro’s, one of the musical magazines most known in our territory, made clear that the digital age has had effects for the industry of the music. In addition, both journalists, from their experience and with several practical cases, exhibited which are the indispensable keys to realize a campaign of communication in the area of the music.

Isern and S.Luna reflected on since the age of the information it has democratized the sector of the music, making possible that groups and artists could have successful without the need to have big companies behind. They shared, also, that the victory of a good strategy of communication scrapes in knowing your target, in the imagination and in the time. But int the end, the two coincided that the indispensable thing to call the attention, of journalists and the public, is to have talent, charisma and do good music.



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