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What we have done during the first four-month period of 2019-20


The students of the CIC Degree have had the opportunity to participate in very diverse activities during this first semester that is almost over. Here is a summary of them.

On October 20, the film director, screenwriter and Professor Joan Marimón explained the functions of cinematographic editing in the talk “Editing as a mechanism for the audiovisual narrative”, in the framework of the subject Audiovisual Communication, taught by Dr. Juan José Caballero. On the next day, the students received a visit from documentary filmmaker Daniel Jariod, who proposed the debate on the boundaries between fictional and documentary films in the master class “Tensions at the threshold of fiction and nonfiction”.

Another very interesting talk, held on October 23 in the Theory and History of Communication class, was “Fact-checking in the world of communication.” Professors Jordi Hernández and Roger Cuartielles invited Martí Renau and Alba Tobella, responsible for the Verificat news verification platform, to explain to students how they work, and provide them with tools to identify potential fake news.

Moreover, the optional subject Cultural Heritage Management, taught by Sara Caredda, also had several guests, such as Dr. Rosa Maria Subirana and Dr. Joan Ramon Triadó, who on November 14 gave the talk “Barcelona and its heritage. Moral paintings and oblique architecture”; and Dr. José Antonio Ortiz, who on December 10 carried out the master class “Conservation and restoration. A look through theory, wealth management and social networks”.

Regarding the visits of professionals from various fields, it must also be highlighted that of the journalist Quique Guasch in the framework of the subject Sports Communication, taught by Núria Casas. Besides, Jordi Homs, press officer of Edicions UB, gave the talk “The functions of the head of press and communication in an editorial” to students of the optional subject The Publishing Sector in the 21st Century, taught by Professor Meritxell Anton.

The students of the Degree have also made trips to places of interest. On November 29, the Theory and History of Communication class moved to Terrassa, to the facilities of the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia, a complex that hosts sets where highly renowned productions are filmed, such as Netflix series or television shows like Operación Triunfo.

Moreover, Professor Assumpta Bassas took the students of the Trends in Contemporary Arts class to take a guided tour of the archive-library Pavellón de la República. They also went to CCCB, where Neus Moyano, Chief of Registry and Coordinator of the Department of Exhibitions, offered them a brushstroke on the different aspects involved in the production of an art exhibition.

The first four-month period of the course has also witnessed the holding of the First Seminar on Political Communication, organized by the Multidisciplinary Analysis Group of the Political Speech and Communication. On November 20 and 21, the Faculty held conferences and debates involving professionals and researchers from fields such as television, journalism and public management.

Final Q1 curs 2019-2010

Final Q1 curs 2019-2010

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