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Talk “Info K, current issues explain to children” (12/12/17)


The Faculty of Philology of the University of Barcelona welcomed Laia Servera, director and presenter of “Info K”, last 12th of December. She holded the conference “Info K, the current issues explained to the children ” for the students of the class “Methods and technologies of investigation in communication”, given by the teacher Anna Tarragó,

Laia Servera is one of the people who knows better TV3′s child informative: she has been working there since 2001, when it was created. Servera began the conference explaining the history and functioning of Info K, and the methodology they use to choose and generate the contents for the informative. She added that in Info K they treat all kinds of current news, without leaving to a side any. She made clear that they run polls to ask the children which issues they are more curios about, and she affirmed that nowadays they are really interested in the topic of the refugees.

During the conference there was also space for multiple questions from the students, interested especially in the current situation regarding the newscasts. Info K is under a close look after the program about the terrorist attacks on Barcelona and the one where they talked about the political prisoners. She made clear that they have never suffered any type of censorship, and that they take care very much about how they treat all the topics, without  turning aside of their principal aim, answering the questions and the worries of the children and explaining the topics and conflicts that address and affect them directly or indirectly.

During the conference the director stated the importance of the right of information and the right of expression of the children. The receipt from the students was very active, so much that sure they would have remained more time listening to Laia Servera talking about a program with a long path inside the programming of the Television of Catalonia.


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