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Talk “Tensions at the fiction and non-fiction threshold” with Daniel Jariod (21/10/2019)


On Monday, October the 21st, the documentalist and professor of Escac and University of Barcelona, Daniel Jariod, offered an interesting talk tot the students of our degree: “Tensions at the fiction and non-fiction treshold”.

Within the framework of the subject ‘Audiovisual Communication’ imparted by the Dr. Juanjo Caballero, Jariod raised the debate about what is documentary and what is fiction. To do this, he projected several film footage and asked the students in what area would they place each of the proposals and why.

In this way, they concluded that, although the first pulic filter is based on formal aspects to decide if they’re watching fiction (with actors creating scenes in “here” and “now”) or documentary (with interviews to people who explain a past experience), this criteria it is often not valid. Jariod put on the table, for example, the fake documentary and also the films that, despite being based on the representation, refear to real events.

With all this in mind, Jariod reconsidered the division, establishing the border between fictional and non-fictional proposals (placing the documentary as one of the non-fictional forms, but not the only one) to, ultimately, show the students that the limits of non-fiction are broader than they seem, with seemingly readical proposals such as the animation documentary.

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