Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Aarón Álvarez González

Aarón Álvarez González




Location: Universtat de Barcelona, Departent of Philosophy. Montalegre Street, 6-8. 4th Floor. Office 4090; 08001-Barcelona 

I obtained my BA in Philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela (BA Extraordinary Prize) and my MA in Analytic Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. I love philosophy in general. However, I feel a strong preference for Analytic Philosophy. Indeed, I am currently working in the Philosophy of emotions whithin this tradition, under the supervision of Esa Díaz León and Manuel García-Carpintero (founded by a FPU Grant). Among the topics that concern me the most, these are some of them: What is characteristic  of emotional phenomenology? Do emotions represent objective values? How can we solve the paradox of fiction? What is the relationship between emotions and our core axiological concepts? 
Outside the realm of academia, I enjoy reading philosophy (from different traditions), Galician literature and clinical psychology as well as practising Kendo and playing video games. 

Selection of Publications

  • Aarón Álvarez González. 2023

    Emotional Phenomenology: A New Puzzle

    Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, forthcoming
  • Aarón Álvarez González. 2023

    Isolating Primitive Emotional Phenomenology in the 'Lab' of Fiction 

    Inquiry: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming
  • Aarón Álvarez González. 2021

    An Argument from Normativity for Primitive Emotional Phenomenology

    Philosophical Papers 50 (1-2):31-52.