Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Graduate Reading Group (GRG)

Graduate students run a graduate reading group where they present and discuss their research.


In academic year 2018/2019, the convenors of the GRG are Alfonso García Lapeña and Johannes Findl.




  • On the individuality of holobionts and other multispecies assemblages: A critical response to Bourrat and Griffiths

    Javier Suárez (U. of Barcelona)


    25 October 2018

    15:00, Seminari Ramon Llull

  • Knowledge vs Understanding: Epistemic Scenarios and Scientific Practice

    Johannes Findl (U. Barcelona)


    08 November 2018

    15:00, Seminari Ramon Llull

  • A New Defense of Scientific Realism

    Alfonso García Lapeña (U. Barcelona)


    08 November 2018

    16:00, Seminari Ramon Llull

  • On Presuppositions

    Aframir Montero Ríos (UNAM)


    15 November 2018

    15:00, Seminari Ramon Llull

  • In search of a memory marker: On the phenomenological distinction between remembering and imagining

    Andrea Rivadulla Duró (U. Barcelona)


    22 November 2018

    15:00, Seminari Ramon Llull

  • Intensional Physics: Lessons of modal epistemology from the physics of information

    Javier Anta (U. Barcelona)


    13 December 2018

    15:00, Seminari Ramon Llull

  • Two arguments for the non-transitivity of thinking the same thought

    Matheus Valente (U. Barcelona)


    07 February 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • Problems with the semantic category of expressives

    Camilo Vergara (Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)


    14 February 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • Pluralism vs. Plurality: more than just a conceptual tension


    Sophie Juliane Veigl (Universität Wien)

    21 February 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • A New Approach to Quantifying into Epistemic Contexts

    Ramón García Moya (U. Barcelona)


    28 February 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • On Thomasson's Conception of Analyticity

    Anton Alexandrov (U. Barcelona)


    07 March 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • What does it mean to ask for the grounds of a normative statement? Bridging the gulf between Reasons Fundamentalism and Constitutivism

    Gloria Mähringer


    21 March 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • The Naturalism Question in Feminism: What kind of naturalism can be useful to feminism?

    Valentina Bortolami (University of Padova)


    28 March 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • Can normative reasons motivate?

    Bartłomiej Czajka (U. Barcelona)


    04 April 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • What is a video game?

    Alfonso García Lapeña (U. Barcelona)


    11 April 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • Is the Relation between Shannon’s Entropy and Thermal Entropies physically significant?

    Javier Anta (U. Barcelona)


    23 May 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives

  • Isolating primitive emotional phenomenology in the lab of fiction

    Aarón Álvarez González (U. Barcelona)


    06 June 2019

    15:00, Sala Lluis Vives

  • tba


    Pablo Gutiérrez

    27 June 2019

    15:00, Sala Luis Vives