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  • OGOS student Mar Alloza was awarded her PhD on 17 March 2023. Congratulations, Mar!
  • The admission and pre-enrollment for the Master in Analytic Philosophy (APHIL) 2023-24 is now open.

    Deadline: June, 30th, 2023.

    Please see here for more information on how to apply.

  • The LOGOS Research Group wishes to inform young researchers in philosophy at the postdoctoral stages of their careers (PhD obtained between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2020, check other eligibility criteria here) that the Catalan government, through its research agency AGAUR, has issued a call for a number of 3-year postdoctoral Beatriu de Pinós fellowships. The period of application ends 09/03/2023. Applications must be sponsored by an individual researcher working at a Catalan research institution and need approval by the institution’s administration.


    Application procedure:

    The LOGOS Research Group encourages qualified candidates, working in areas within the remit of the group, to send their expression of interest either directly to an individual senior researcher of the group as a potential sponsor, or else to the group’s coordinator at to solicit support. LOGOS specifically and emphatically encourages female researchers, and researchers belonging to other under-represented groups, who would like to apply for a Beatriu de Pinós fellowship, to seize this opportunity.

    Please note (i) that the LOGOS Research Group itself is neither the grant-awarding body nor a department or a research centre, nor is it the only group based at a Catalan institution that might incorporate successful applicants; (ii) that support from individual members of the group is not automatic but subject to their explicit agreement in the light of the candidate’s academic profile.
  • There is an open call for scholarships for young scholars from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East who wish to spend a short stay at one of the universities of the Coimbra group to which the University of Barcelona belongs. For more information, see
  • LOGOS Senior member Teresa Marques has been awarded one of this year's prestigious Icrea Academia grants. Congratulations, Teresa!
  • LOGOS student Nasim Mahoozi was awarded her PhD on 11 January, 2023. Congratulations, Nasim!
  • Former LOGOS PhD student Javier Suárez received an award for the second best doctoral dissertation among all those defended at the University of Barcelona in 2020,  the ‘first accessit’ of the XXVI Premi del Claustre de Doctors. Congratulations, Javier!
  • LOGOS senior member Manolo Martínez was made permanent associate professor (profesor agregado) at the UB. Congratulations, Manolo!
  • The Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy (BIAP), of which LOGOS is a founding member, is one out of merely nine research institutes in Spain that have been recognized as a María de Maeztu unit of excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation this year. BIAP will be awarded a substantial research grant for a collaborative project on the nature and role of evidence and thus be able to recruit a significant number of pre- and postdoctoral fellows.
  • LOGOS student Álvaro Mozota was awarded his PhD on 7 October, 2022. Congratulations, Álvaro!
  • LOGOS student Lisa Vogt was awarded her PhD on 28 September, 2022. Congratulations, Lisa!

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    LOGOS student Andrea Rivadulla was awarded her PhD on 25 July, 2022. Congratulations, Andrea!



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