Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

David Pineda


University of Girona.

David Pineda



I work in the philosophy of mind. My main areas of research are the metaphysics of mind (mind-body problem, mental causation). I'm currently working on emotions.

Selection of Publications

  • David Pineda. 2019

    Sobre las emociones

    Ediciones Cátedra, 280 páginas, ISBN 978-84-376-3924-6
  • David Pineda, Agustín Vicente. 2017

    Shoemaker's analysis of realization: a review

    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 94/1:97-120
  • David Pineda. 2015

    Emotions, Appraisals, and Embodied Appraisals

    Critica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía 47/140: 3-30.
  • David Pineda. 2015

    The Modal Argument against Materialism and Intertheoretic Identities

    Dialectica 69/4:491-515
  • David Pineda. 2012

    La Mente Humana. Introducción a la filosofía de la psicología.

    Ediciones Cátedra.


  • David Pineda. 2010

    Non-committal Causal Explanations.

    International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 24/2: 147-70.
  • David Pineda. 2006

    A mereological Characterization of Physicalism

    International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 20: 243-66
  • David Pineda. 2005

    Causal Exclusion and Causal Homogeneity

    Dialectica 59: 63-66

  • David Pineda. 2003

    Synchronous events in By-Sentences

    Theoria 18: 351-57.
  • David Pineda. 2002

    The Causal Exclusion Puzzle

    European Journal of Philosophy 10: 26-42
  • David Pineda. 2001

    Functionalism and Nonreductive Physicalism

    Theoria 16: 43-63.