Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

David Rey

Aphil PhD student

Universitat de Barcelona

Departament de Lògica, Història i Filosofia de la Ciència

David Rey



office 4090

c/ Montalegre 6 - 8

08001, Barcelona

I am a student member of LOGOS and a member of the project Semantic Content and Conversational Dynamics. During my time as a PhD student, I have been visitor at Rutgers University (2012), the Institute Jean Nicod (2013), and the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2014). I was born in Bogotá (Colombia), where I did undergraduate and master studies before joining the Aphil Program.

My primary area of interest is the philosophy of language. I am currently writing a PhD thesis on the semantics of tenses. In my thesis I critically examine the arguments against the view that English tenses can be modeled as intensional operators. You can view my publications, CV, and paper-drafts here.