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Diana Couto

LOGOS Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

University of Barcelona

Diana Couto


University of Barcelona
Department of Logic, History, and the Philosophy of Science
C/ Montalegre 6-8, 4th floor. Office 4090.
08001, Barcelona.

E-mail: dpcouto (at) 


Curriculum Vitae

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I'm a PhD student at the University of Barcelona (CCiL Program / Research Line: Analytic Philosophy). Before joining LOGOS in 2018, I completed a BA (2014) in Philosophy at the University of Porto (Portugal) and a MA also in Philosophy at the same institution. Since then, I've been a member of the Mind, Language, and Action Group (MLAG), a research group of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto.

My main research interests lie within the Philosophy of Mind and its intersections with the Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Metaphysics. In particular, I'm currently interested in the role phenomenal concepts play in some of the most challenging metaphysical and epistemological debates in the contemporary Philosophy of Mind. This is the main subject of my research, focused on the so-called Phenomenal Concepts Strategy, in which I've been working on since April 2018 under the supervision of Manuel García-Carpintero (U.Barcelona) and Sofia Miguens (U.Porto). In this project, drawing inspiration from Wittgenstein's ideas on meaning and privacy, I will try to outline a new — and more satisfactory among contemporary philosophers of mind — account of the nature of phenomenal concepts.

In addition, I'm also deeply interested in a wide range of other topics, such as Aesthetics, Philosophy of Action and History of Philosophy.

My research is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (grant ref.: SFRH/BD/129112/2017).

Selection of Publications

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