Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Esa Díaz-León

I am an Associate Professor ("profesora agregada") in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.
Esa Díaz-León


E-mail: ediazleon AT ub DOT edu

Phone: +34 934037904

Address: C/Montalegre, 6, 4th floor, Barcelona 08001, Spain. 

Office number: 4026 

Curriculum Vitae

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I received my PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2007, and my BA from the University of Murcia (Spain) in 2000. I was an Assistant and then Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Manitoba (Canada) from 2008-14, and a Ramón y Cajal researcher at the UB from 2014-19. I specialize in philosophy of mind and language, and the philosophy of gender, race and sexuality. My main interests include the metaphysics of gender, race and sexual orientation, the nature of social construction, as well as methodological issues having to do with conceptual ethics.
I am currently the co-PI (with Pepa Toribio) of a grant funded by MICINN on the Philosophy of Social Cognition (PID2021-124100NB-I00).

Selection of Publications

  • Esa Díaz-León. 2022

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  • Esa Díaz-León. 2022

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  • Esa Díaz-León. 2022

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  • Esa Díaz-León. 2022

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  • Esa Díaz-León, Saray Ayala-López. 2021

    "On Language and Sexuality"

    In Routledge Handbook of Social Philosophy of Language, edited by J. Khoo & R. Sterken, pp. 377-88.
  • Esa Díaz-León. 2020

    "Pejorative Terms and the Semantic Strategy"

    Acta Analytica, 35(1), pp. 23-34.  DOI: 10.1007/s12136-019-00392-2

  • Esa Díaz-León. 2020

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  • Esa Díaz-León. 2020

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  • Esa Díaz-León. 2020

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  • Esa Díaz-León. 2019

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